Instantly transform any space into a super speedway!


Across the floors!
Up the walls!
Even on the ceilings!


  • Drives up walls and ceilings

    Super Suction Turbine Lets You Race Sideways & Upside Down!

    Easy controls

    Multidirectional Remote Control Lets You Race, Drift & Spin 360°!

    Goes super fast!

    Aerodynamic Design Minimizes Turbulence & Maximizes Velocity!

  • Bright lights

    Real Headlights & Tail Lights Shine Bright Through The Night!

    Supercharged battery

    Onboard Rechargeable Battery Provides The Speed You Need!


    Super Polytech Construction Is Durable For When You Wreck!

Introducing Radical Racers

They're equipped with a super suction turbine that keeps them in constant contact with the surface for nonstop racing action! Radical Racers go vertical on the wall, sideways, around, under and through it all! Create your own obstacle course to speed through with super suction force! Just charge up, power on, put it in place and you're ready to race! The multidirectional remote control puts you in the driver's seat to race, spin and always win! Radical Racers have real headlights and real tail lights! It's real RC vertical racing action! Ordinary tracks keep you in one place — that's one boring race! Radical Racers transforms any wall or four into a super speedway! Race upside down on the ceiling, do 360 spins and nasty drifts!

Radical Racers are aerodynamically designed to minimize turbulence and maximize velocity! They have an onboard rechargeable battery operated power plant that provides the speed you need! Plus, they're constructed from super polytech so they're durable even when they wreck! When the lights go out, nighttime racing is what it's all about! Radical race all over your house, upside down, under a table, over the door and do crazy donuts on the floor!

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